How to Pitch Story Ideas with Qwoted

Madelynne Kislovsky February 19, 2021

We’re introducing a brand new, highly-requested feature called Qwoted Story Ideas, which allows Expert and PR users to proactively pitch reporters about relevant news topics and their client’s expertise in these areas.

Whether you’re a PR professional or self-representing subject matter expert, here are a few tips and best practices to get your pitch noticed and ensure it fulfills all elements of the Story Idea request:

1. Be specific about your idea

Be sure to outline the concept of your Story Idea – don’t just recommend a chat with your client. A headline is always a good idea, but keep it short – no more than twelve words. Your pitch should include an explanation of a potential angle or trend, and why this trend is a hot topic in the current news market.

Bad Story Ideas pitch:

Hi, Ruby the Reporter! Since you write about healthcare, I wanted to offer you a chance to speak to my client, Dr. Joseph Smith, about his latest work. See attached for his bio.”

Good Story Ideas pitch:

“Hi, Ruby the Reporter! My client, Dr. Joseph Smith, is currently studying the trends and effects of flu vaccines on individuals over the age of 60. Dr. Smith has 25 years of experience in epidemiology and has a few relevant quotes on the subject from his most recent report, which I have attached.”

2. Include the important stuff

Always provide the subject matter expert by name (best practice here is to create a Qwoted profile for them and attach it to your pitch!), a short bio on the individual, and why their comments or expertise supports the relevant story idea. This is always a good tip to follow when you’re pitching either a Story Idea Request or an Expert Source Request.

3. Keep it in the platform

Reporters assign more value to Qwoted notifications, because they know the response is directly related to something they’re working on. Reaching out to a reporter via email and pitching them outside the platform is also in violation of Qwoted’s Community Guidelines. Give these a quick read to clarify behavior that can result in the flagging of your account.

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