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Qwoted is a free expert platform designed to help journalists write better stories faster.

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Technology and politicians are waging a war on journalism — publishers, advertisers, and PR firms have all benefited, while reporters have been laid off. Qwoted is on a mission to put the power back in the hands of independent journalists, reporters, and writers.

Qwoted puts reporters in control of the information that reaches them

Qwoted is always free for accredited reporters and producers. Your free dashboard offers you 24/7 virtual research assistance, a database of relevant and accredited experts, key industry events and awards, and an economic calendar to plan around upcoming events.

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What is Qwoted?

Journalism is getting tougher with tighter deadlines and faster news cycles. Qwoted helps you develop and produce higher quality content more quickly by giving you everything you need for your story in one place.


Qwoted helps industry experts raise visibility by showcasing thought leadership and giving reporters and event organizers a free, easy way to reach them.

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PR professionals

Qwoted delivers free media opportunities to busy PR professionals. With Qwoted, you can list your clients as sources and respond directly to reporters’ requests in real-time.

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Event organizers and producers

Qwoted helps event producers and organizers find free speakers, keynotes, and panelists without honorifics.

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Barbara Friedberg

I write a weekly investing article for U.S. News and World Report and use Qwoted exclusively for my source quotes. The platform is user friendly and customizable - perfect for my needs. The respondents are top notch experts and I've never failed to get responses to use in my writing. I love this platform!

Bret Kenwell

Got just what I needed! You guys are going to be my go-to. Thank you so much!

Bret Kenwell, TheStreet
James Brumley

The quality of Qwoted's experts has proven better than any similar tool I've used.

James Brumley, Kiplinger​
Lou Carlozo

In a day and age where the media moves at breakneck speed, and those within it move faster, I’ve been tremendously surprised and delighted by Matt Kneller and his team at Qwoted—for their professionalism, their attention, and the fact that they care enough to build a long-term relationship based on results.

Lou Carlozo, Managing Editor at Bank Administration Institute (​