Reducing Emails (“PR Spam”) related to your Qwoted requests

Qwoted is a great way for reporters like you to collect expert commentary without exposing your email address to “PR spam.”

Unfortunately, some of the folks on the other side of the game are habituated to reaching out to reporters over email. Although Qwoted does not share reporters’ email addresses, PRs can guess at your email address based on your name alone.

Because of this, Qwoted has created a set of instructions to help reduce the amount of PR spam that you receive.  The instructions explain how to configure a Gmail or Outlook address to auto-reply to emails containing the search term “Qwoted” with a message stating you aren’t accepting pitches over email:

Instructions For Reducing Email Associated With Qwoted Expert Source Requests – For Gmail

Instructions For Reducing Email Associated with Qwoted Expert Source Requests – For Outlook

Additionally, please forward any PR Spam that you receive to the address  It is against Qwoted’s Community Guidelines to email reporters directly and we have a process to enforce these guidelines. We thank you in advance.

Check out our blog on what else Qwoted does to combat email spam here.