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You’ve been working for months to get your company featured in various media outlets, and it’s finally paid off: you landed the guest post, interview, or feature piece on a news site or in an industry publication. Great! Now what?

While it’s exciting that your brand is getting some media attention, it’s best to capitalize on that attention quickly. Lots of people saw the article – but that doesn’t mean everyone did. Your next move is to take advantage of that exposure by repurposing the content and posting it on various platforms. Here are 8 easy ways to maximize PR coverage and share it with your audience:

press coverage: news cameras covering a live event

1. Share On Your Social Media

You’re proud of the recent coverage, so show it off on as many social platforms as you can. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are all great places to start, and it’s fine to share the article multiple times (although it’s probably best to write different copy for each share). A simple tactic is to thank the writer for the mention:

“Thanks to @writer for the recent feature in @publication. We’re thrilled to be listed with so many great local advisors!”

Plus, by thanking the writer or publication publicly, you’re leaving the door open to future collaboration and driving traffic to their website, which they’ll appreciate.

2. Link The Article On Your Company Blog

It’s inadvisable to just copy and paste an article onto your blog or website, as this can seriously damage your SEO. Instead, write a short introduction to the piece and post it on your site with a link to the original content, or create a blog post that explains how you came to be featured. Here’s a few more SEO tips.

3. Email The Piece To Your Contacts

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. Don’t have a regular newsletter? It’s perfectly acceptable to send a special email blast just to share your good news, but be sure to tease out for your audience how the article is helping them. Did the article mention financial advice they might find useful? A simple call to action like “Check out this article to learn 5 easy steps you can follow to reach your business goals in the new year” will pique their curiosity and drive traffic to the article.

4. Add The Article To Your Email Signature

A short tagline such as “Recently featured in ABC Magazine” with a link to the article below your name and company details is an easy and effective way to share your latest coverage. Ask your colleagues to do the same, and update your signature as your company is featured in larger publications.

5. Create a Media Page On Your Site

Your media page is your highlight reel – as you continue to be featured, you’ll want an easy place to drop links and logos from various media outlets. If your business has received any industry awards, this is a great place to showcase those as well. You can also include press releases, professional bios, photographs, and contact info for press inquiries. Besides the About section, a press page is one of the first pages prospective clients will visit on your site.

Don’t just drop the article link, though – tease out your favorite quotes or write a short description of the article. Finally, ask the publisher for their logo and include an “As Featured In” logo reel at the footer of your site. It’s a quick visual reminder to your clients that you’re a top performer in the industry.

Your media page is your highlight reel

6. Hang Articles Around Your Office

Don’t be shy – you’ve worked hard to gain recognition in the community and it’s paid off. Frame and hang any media recognition in your office or company waiting room – it’s an excellent way to build rapport with clients without seeming too self-serving.

7. Use Relevant Quotes On Your Site

You can use quotes from the article in your company’s bio, or prominently display relevant snippets on your website. Even a simple “Recently listed as a top Financial Advisor in the community by ABC Magazine” can go a long way to improve brand credibility.

8. Share Internally

This step is often overlooked, but it’s a must: showcasing media coverage reminds your colleagues that their work is having an impact and gets everyone excited. Encourage your office mates to share the article on their own social platforms and thank them for the effort they’re putting in – it’s clearly paying off!

Maximizing your business’ press coverage doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming, but it’s not something you should overlook. Don’t forget to email the reporter to thank them for the piece, and let them know you’re sharing it across your platforms. They’ll appreciate the help (it increases their readership) and will be more likely to work with you on future articles.

[Editor’s note: This excellent article by Bob Martucci of Money Crashers covers word-of-mouth marketing strategies that won’t break the bank. Definitely worth a read…]