This is an image of hands shaking in confirmation.

Journalists and professional writers have been fighting disinformation, trolls, and fake news for some time. The rapid improvement of large language AI models like ChatGPT has made that task even more difficult.

These days information disseminates at lightning speed, and as we often see in the hours following horrific events, it’s vital the accuracy and authenticity of information is maintained.

This is why Qwoted was created – to provide a platform that is different from the existing tools that were based on outdated technologies like listserves and directories. At the heart of Qwoted is the principle of authenticity. 

Every Qwoted user must attest to being who they say they are when they create an account. They opt-in to our terms of service, which includes a zero tolerance policy towards misinformation and inauthenticity. Users providing false information will be banned from the platform. 

We recently introduced a range of sophisticated tools and techniques to help media professionals feel confident about the experts and PR representatives they are speaking to. Our media success team is available to assist with any suspicious behavior, and our moderators have begun using AI-detection tools to ensure the authenticity of text.

Qwoted was built as a tool for the media, by the media. Our media advisory board comprises some of the world’s best writers and journalism professors, and we work closely with them to identify and address the challenges faced by modern reporters and journalists. One of the biggest challenges on the horizon is the growing flood of disinformation fueled by artificial intelligence and tools like ChatGPT. 

But we believe that Qwoted will provide a safe haven for journalists and writers, offering access to vetted experts and authentic information. At a time when accuracy and authenticity are more important than ever, Qwoted is dedicated to providing a platform for journalists and writers to access reliable information and experts. Join us in our mission to combat disinformation and promote authentic journalism. The data and statistics show that our approach is working, and we will continue to invest in the tools and techniques necessary to maintain the accuracy and authenticity of the information on our platform.

Lou Carlozo is Qwoted’s Editor in Chief and the Editor/Publisher of Talking Biz News. Email lou@qwoted.com or connect on LinkedIn.