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Earned media is coverage that is earned through promotions and media mentions, rather than paid advertising. Another common term for this is “organic media”. This can come in the form of…

  • Featured quotes in an industry-relevant publication
  • Feature articles about your business
  • Social media mentions

Basically, earned media is garnered through organic media relations and networking.

Why Should Your Small Business aim for More Earned Media Coverage?

This type of coverage is often viewed as more authentic and trustworthy than paid advertising— it implies a mutual connection between members of the media and a small business, and it can build brand awareness and authority in your industry.

Some businesses have dedicated public relations teams, but earned media can be secured by businesses of any size with a little savvy and networking. Media connection tools can help business owners find and connect with members of the media, and using Qwoted’s network can help you get quoted as an expert source in major publications.

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Why is Earned Media so Valuable in 2022?

While you may only think of news pieces or mentions, it’s important to remember that positive customer reactions on social media are also earned media. This type of authentic, customer-driven exposure is vital to your business and brand. In fact, Hubspot Research found that 57% of people trust what their family and friends say about a new product or business, while only a third trust what they find on Google. 

In short, earned media is the best way to garner trust in your brand and carve a niche of authority in your industry. With digital marketing and public relations constantly evolving, getting your business seen by potentially millions of people online is indisputably essential to your public relations plan.

For more information on types of earned media and how to leverage them, check out this short Hubspot article.