Media Moves

Previous Role: Business Editor, The Miami Herald

New Role: Senior Director for Journalism Sustainability and Partnerships, The Miami Herald

JW: Journalism is a critical form of public service. Sadly, the proliferation of media outlets has diverted audience attention away from responsible, fact-based journalism. In the process, traditional revenue streams have dwindled. This role provides me the opportunity to work closely with the community and philanthropy to underscore the importance of what we do and expand resources to support it. 

JW: I’m excited to have the time and bandwidth to focus more deeply on community connections and the relationship between The Miami Herald and the South Florida residents we serve.

JW: Explaining why supporting a for-profit journalism outlet is definitely a challenge with some funders; it’s a new concept even to those who rue the changes in our coverage. But every time we are able to increase our impact to better serve the community is a win.

Qwoted is committed to supporting the media by speaking to and highlighting journalists in their exploration of various roles. What changes are ahead? What learnings do you expect to be helpful in this new role?