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Gabrielle Boyd, Account Director at Pink Shark PR

L.A.-based Pink Shark PR has landed its clients in some top-notch media outlets: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Variety to name just a few. And at the center of the good media vibes you’ll find Gabrielle Boyd, an award winning PR pro with more than a decade of experience in project management, media relations and events. (Remember events? Those things we used to attend before COVID-19 turned our worlds upside down.)

Now at Pink Shark for more than two years, Boyd makes our Qwoted 100 list as a PR person par excellence. Read on as this account director talks about the important role women play in the profession, what guides her work ethic and how she sees media relations shifting in the year ahead. 

Qwoted: What do you see as the future of PR—technologically, strategically, or in any category you’re passionate about?

Gabrielle Boyd: An area I’m really passionate about is empowering women and seeing fair representation of women in PR positions and also with media coverage. During the pandemic more than one million women had to leave the workforce and that number has not increased since. As women, we’re not going to have equal rights if we are forced out of our careers.

I believe that the future of PR will see more women in decision-making positions, and the continuation and growth of women empowerment through traditional media avenues, podcasts and social media. I have worked with many inspiring female founders and change makers, such as Ashley Aydin from VamosVentues and Trisha Bantigue from Queenly. I’m also proud to work for a women-owned PR firm that prioritizes working with female entrepreneurs. I have to believe that the future is bright!

Qwoted: What do you do that other PRs could learn from?

Boyd: While sometimes easier said than done, it helps to have amazing clients that you really believe are going to help change the world! At Pink Shark we have created a niche working with innovative companies and founders, predominantly in the tech space, and I’m proud to represent them every day.

Qwoted: What’s your toughest challenge with reporters?

Boyd: Finding the right pitch for the right time. I’m sure reporters would say that is a challenge they have with PR people too!

Qwoted: How do you approach breaking through the noise floor to get effective coverage?

Boyd: First, it’s important to not turn down smaller opportunities. Second, you never know who’s reading something. We have seen time and time again where a story in a niche outlet can lead to a feature in a leading business publication — or where one podcast interview leads to several others. PR is a great way to build buzz — emphasis on the build — and the best way to do that is to take as many opportunities as you can.

Qwoted: How does PR in 2023 square with the future of journalism?

Boyd: As a huge podcast fan I love to see the continued rise in popularity for podcasts. More PR people and journalists are seeing success in this area – for PR having their clients on podcasts and for journalists seeing success by hosting and working with them. Podcasts have been an amazing way for our clients to go more in depth with their story that it can be difficult to do in a short profile piece. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Qwoted: What advice would you give to those seeking an effective PR person?

Boyd: Before you start interviewing PR people or companies, write out a list of your goals and ask yourself if this is the right time for you or your company. When interviewing for a PR person or agency ask a lot of questions. Even though it may seem like it at times, there are no stupid questions. Realize that this is a partnership. Your PR person or team will require your assistance with ramping up and learning about you and your brand. Also, go with your gut! If you have a great rapport with someone that may be a sign of a potential flourishing partnership.

Qwoted: What is your golden rule of PR?

Boyd: Always be open to learning new things. The media landscape is always changing and by being open to learning new things, you’re also open to new opportunities. I started my PR career in hospitality and never imagined I’d end up working in tech but it’s an exciting place to be and I look forward to what’s next.

Qwoted: Anything else to add?

Boyd: Thanks for this opportunity. It’s such an exciting time to work in PR; there are honestly no two days that are the same!

You can connect with Gabrielle Boyd of Pink Shark PR via email at or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Lou Carlozo is Qwoted’s Editor in Chief and the Editor/Publisher of Talking Biz News. Email or connect on LinkedIn.