Qwoted Updates

As Qwoted’s Editor in Chief, I’m pleased to announce the Top 100 PR users on Qwoted for Q1 2022. This initiative is a live quarterly ranking of public relations professionals with the highest hit rates among media, proving they have the best stories to tell and the most compelling way of telling them. Our mission at Qwoted is to help professional storytellers, and the Qwoted 100 is a critical index helping us to identify for the media the very best performers on our network. Congratulations to all who ranked!

Qwoted’s proprietary algorithm ranks PR users based on a number of factors including

  • Hit rate of pitches to responses from media
  • Speed of reporter replies
  • Reporter ranking
  • Number of positive interactions with media

Qwoted’s index adjusts in real-time to evaluate over 40,00 users and select the best performers among agency and in-house communications professionals. Results will be announced quarterly and users included in the ranking will see their Qwoted Profiles upgraded with a ‘Qwoted 100’ designation which will also be visible to media.


Below is a list of winners for the first quarter of 2022:

L.J. Williamson, Public Relations Specialist @ Newsroom Public Relations
Perry Goldman, Director @ Montieth & Company
Oleg Donets, Founder and CEO @ ODMsoft
Vito Palmeri, Senior Account Executive @ 5W Public Relations
Regan Sullivan, Account Executive @ 5W Public Relations
Eric Katzman, Senior Media Strategist @ RLM Public Relations
Brian Thomas, Executive Vice President @ Todd Shapiro Associates
Hilda S Mitrani, President @ Mitrani Marketing
Stephanie Siok, Account Executive – Corporate @ 5WPR
Raffaella Mazzella, Account Executive @ 5W Public Relations
Kylie Rodriguez, Account Executive @ Hemsworth Communications
Madison Kane, Associate Account Executive @ Branded
Jordan Weintraub, Account Executive @ WE Codeword
Kelly Ferraro, Principal & Director of Publicity @ River North Communications
Taylor Ventrice, Assistant Account Executive @ 5W Public Relations
Julie Livingston, Owner @ Want Leverage Communications
Tracy Lamourie, Founder and Managing Director @ Lamourie Media
Alexandra Pony, Founder & Principal @ PONY Communications
Lisa Murray, Principal and Co-founder @ Trevi Communications
Victoria Shannon, Co-Founder @ August PR
Brian Pitts, Senior Vice President @ Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Sean Herpolsheimer, Account Executive @ Branded
Angela Trostle, Managing Partner & President @ AMW Public Relations
Courtland Long, Vice President Healthcare @ The Bliss Group
Anne Claire Foreman, Assistant Account Executive @ Prosek Partners
Bob Spoerl, Co-Founder @ Bear Icebox Communications
Nicholas Fearn, Head of Content and Communications, UK @ Films United
Nick Slater, Senior Research Consultant @ Orb Media Inc.
Nicole Pomije, Founder @ NB Talent Services
Liz Lindley, Senior Vice President, Public Relations @ Jaffe
Sarah Denning, Apprentice @ Prosek Partners
Jill Lewis, Founder @ JLPR
Rahat Rashid, Senior Manager, Media Strategy @ Hotwire
Shara Seigel, Senior Director, Consumer Media Strategy @ Mission North
Ana Marquez, Media Director @ rbb Communications
Evan Sneider, Public Relations and Communications Consultant @ Red Rooster PR
Scott Samson, Founder & CEO @ SamsonPR
Diandra Binney, Vice President @ Peppercomm
Carlos Arcos, SVP Public Relations @ Jaffe
Brittany King, Account Executive @ Fishman Public Relations
Michelle Loeb, Account Director @ Brand Definition
Ben Garbarek, Senior Media Supervisor @ Edelman
Joey Hancock, Community Outreach Coordinator @ SplitOne Technologies
Eilis Stoner, Account Executive @ 5W Public Relations
Sidney Sterling, Account Director @ ANDER & Co.
Lexi Glicksman, Account Coordinator @ 5W Public Relations
Kristin Lisi, Founder, Publicist @ L&S Communications
Jeffrey Salzgeber, President @ Radiant Media Group
Caitlin Wolf, Principal @ Caitlin Wolf Consulting, LLC
Katherine Fox, Account Supervisor @ Prosek Partners
Alex Libutti, Senior Account Executive @ 5W Public Relations
Steve Sturgeon, SVP, Media Relations @ Avista PR
Taryn Schofield, Account Executive @ Marino
Caolán Breathnach, Associate @ Wachsman
Abigail Anello, Senior Account Executive, Corporate @ 5W Public Relations
Abbie Sheridan, PR @ FiComm Partners
Caroline Nesbit, Account Coordinator @ Red Banyan
Marcus Lim, Account Executive @ Max Borges Agency
Thomas Conroy, Account Executive @ Peregrine Communications
Anthony Berlin, Founder & CEO @ Berlin Media Relations
Jesse Gaddis, Senior Account Executive @ RLM Public Relations
Amanda Berman, Account Executive @ Finn Partners
Ilaria Lampson, Account Executive @ 5W Public Relations
Kerry Close, Director @ Group Gordon
Theresa Personna, Marketing Assistant @ Kogan Page Inc.
Morrison Shafroth, Director @ Momentum Communications Strategy
Jessica Reiner, Media Relations Manager @ FischTank PR
Gabrielle Boyd, Vice President @ Pink Shark PR
Leah Kondes, Director @ Padilla
Keilyn Abe, Public Relations Specialist @ Newsroom Public Relations
Kylie Morgan, Senior Account Executive @ Prosek Partners
Sydney Boardman, Public Relations Specialist @ Junapr
Mairin McCabe, Account Manager @ SHIFT Communications
Anita Lane, Founder & CEO @ Sensei Communications
Danyell Flowers, CEO @ Maven Media Management
Abby Rush, Account Executive @ 5W Public Relations
Tatiana Tsoir, CEO @ Linza Advisors Inc.
Nicole Velez, Account Executive @ 5WPR
Hannah Logan, Assistant Account Executive @ Prosek Partners
Lesli Franco, Vice President @ O’Connell & Goldberg Public Relations
Natalia Manez, Senior Account Executive @ Trevi Communications, Inc.
Marisa Steck, Senior Account Executive @ SHIFT Communications
Kyle Celeste, Senior Account Executive @ Resound Marketing
Alex Hinson, Account Supervisor @ Prosek Partners
Robert Busweiler, Account Director @ Sunshine Sachs
Stephanie Chalef, Account Coordinator @ 5W Public Relations
Meredith Kish, Founder @ Meredith Kish Communications
Jennifer Compton, Founder @ J&L Communications
Laura Alfisher, Public Relations Manager @ LBR PR
Nicole Stenclik, Founder @ RosePR
Joanne Levine, Owner @ Lekas & Levine PR
Gabrielle Reitano, Account Manager @ Technica Communications
Elizabeth Cooke, Director @ 5W Public Relations
Paul Marin, Director Of Communications @ IQM Corporation
Moshe Maryles, Account Executive @ AMW Public Relations
Alexa Reinfeld, Senior Account Executive @ 5W Public Relations
Erin Freeley, Vice President @ Archetype
Patrick Milan, Chief Insights officer @ Tunheim
Alexya Williams, Senior Account Manager @ Fish Consulting
Kelsey Pearse, Senior Account Executive @ Inkhouse Media + Marketing