Qwoted Updates : Policy

In any two-sided network, it’s important to ensure that there are buyers for sellers and sellers for buyers. When we launched Qwoted, we knew that there would be high demand on the PR side but didn’t anticipate that there would be so much concentration around particular media opportunities. Consequently, too many of our excellent smaller trade and regional media are not getting enough attention. To address this imbalance, we’ll soon be introducing a few changes:

  1. More Free Opportunities 

  • We’re introducing a rule that opportunities that haven’t been pitched enough in the past will now be automatically designated free. This means you won’t have to spend a pitch credit to open and submit commentary to the opportunity.
  • In the past week alone we have doubled the number of free opportunities on the platform. We anticipate that with these new changes, on average every 1 in 4-5 opportunities moving forward will not cost any pitch credits to reach out to. 

    As a reminder, you can always filter our Requests feed by ‘free-to-pitch’ opportunities on the left hand sidebar:

2. Pinned Opportunities & Editor’s Choice / Notes

  • We’re planning a raft of development to help spotlight great opportunities that might not have the brand recognition of the BBC or CNN. These include:
    • Pinned opportunities & Editor’s Choice: we’ll be spotlighting certain media opportunities based on your area of interest 
    • Editor’s Notes: We will be sharing more insight into the reach of the media venue so that you can justify the effort to pitch it

3. Adjusting free pitch credits 

  • Starting from mid-July, free users’ pitch credits will move from 3 to 2. Some of our top tier media opportunities are being inundated with pitches and we believe this will help rebalance the ratio towards more of our free opportunities. We also believe that this move will be more than offset by the significant increase in free opportunities on the platform, but if you feel like you need more pitch credits every month, talk to us about a teams license or upgrade to our Pro plan.

As always we welcome all feedback – Media users are welcome to join our Media Advisory Board and PR users are welcome at our standard user Board Meetings also. Or simply drop us a line at support@qwoted.com

Many thanks,

Lou Carlozo
Editor in Chief