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Media opportunities are extremely valuable, especially when it comes to your small business marketing strategy. After you’re set up on Qwoted, follow these tips to improve your chances of being covered.

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Answer questions in a timely fashion

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often have an overloaded schedule, but don’t let media opportunities slide to the bottom of your to-do list. Establishing yourself as a reputable expert source for journalists is crucial, and the longer you take to answer a journalist’s questions, the less likely the opportunity becomes. If the query is one that you can’t answer immediately, let them know you’re working on it and that you’ll be back in touch ASAP.

Find reasons to follow up

Even after pitching a media request or securing a placement, it’s important to continue to foster the relationship you’ve begun to build with the journalist. Look for reasons to follow up after your first conversation by keeping an eye on their recent stories, checking in to see if they need additional support with upcoming projects, and passing along relevant contacts or information.

Prepare for more inquiries

Prepare a short and sweet cheat sheet about your expertise, including a succinct background and key successes. This will help you respond to journalists quickly and concisely, as time is always of the essence.

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