Media Moves

Host of So Money Podcast, Editor at Large of CNET Money

FT: When CNET offered a partnership to help grow my podcast, which I’d been managing independently for seven years, it was a unique chance to take my show to a whole new level.  The role also promises a world beyond podcasting – I’ll be writing a weekly newsletter, reporting on the money stories that fascinate me most, and starting a video series. I’m excited to collaborate with smart people on all these new ventures, but also continue to wear my entrepreneur hat.

FT: Knowing what’s important to people when it comes to money is crucial. As a podcast host and prior to that, a journalist and author, I’ve been listening to the financial issues that people face for the past 20 years. I love that I’m able to bring that knowledge to CNET at a time when they’re trying to build something special and impactful in the personal finance marketplace.

FT: Day-to-day, the biggest change involves communicating and collaborating with others more frequently. I’m also looking forward to having a more consistent level of projects. As a full-time entrepreneur, my schedule could be unpredictable at times. I’m also going to be able to experiment more on social media, but in a way where I feel supported. I think it’s going to get me out of my comfort zone a little bit, which is a good thing.

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