Media Moves

Previous Role: Reporter at American Banker

New Role: Financial Tech Reporter at Thomson Reuters

HL: I’m really thrilled to be covering fintech in my new role, which is a somewhat new beat for me. It’s an area that I’m able to lend my experience covering financial regulation to, but I also get to cover businesses themselves, which is really exciting for me. I might be biased, but to me this seems like the absolutely best time to cover fintech: not only are fintech companies exploding in growth, but traditional finance players are exploring things like crypto at the same time the federal government is reckoning with how to regulate these new technologies.

HL: The relationships I’ve established in my previous role have already proven to be helpful in my new position. While I wasn’t covering the same exact beat in my last job, it’s been similar enough where I’m still able to keep in touch with a lot of my sources and discuss any developments in the fintech and fintech policy space. Many of my sources have also been able to introduce me to new people who are exclusively focused on fintech, which I’ve really appreciated! It’s made getting to know the beat much easier.

HL: The biggest change, and the most difficult thing to adjust to, has been the size of Reuters compared to the size of American Banker, my previous employer. Reuters is obviously a global news organization with thousands of employees, which is a much different environment for me. However, in my short time here, I’ve learned that the size means lots of chances to collaborate with others and share ideas, which has been really helpful for me as I’ve been getting acquainted!

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