• Qwoted is designed to connect the media with subject matter experts who can provide meaningful insights and expertise. Using ChatGPT or similar AI-powered tools to generate pitches for media on our platform is prohibited. It is of paramount importance that information and introductions provided to the media be authentic. Violation of this policy may result in your account being flagged to reporters as suspicious, disabled temporarily, or in extreme cases, permanently disabled.
  • Keep interactions inside of Qwoted as much as possible. Especially, do not pitch reporters’ requests outside of Qwoted. Reporters value the organization and control that Qwoted brings to sourcing expert commentary.
  • Make sure to read the reporter’s requests thoroughly and ensure your pitches are as relevant as possible. Reporters flag low quality or irrelevant pitches and this negatively impacts your rating.
  • Fill out source profiles completely, adding quotes, media appearances, profile photos, and employment history. This helps reporters judge the best expert to include in their article.
  • One login per person and a real person for every login. We’re on a mission to increase ‘authenticity’ for the media so do not share logins with colleagues and do not try make an account accommodate more than one person. Doing this will get flagged by the system, will negatively impact your score and could result in having your account suspended.
  • Don’t unlock many pitches and reporters without pitching. A pattern of this behavior will be interpreted by the platform as scraping data and pitching the reporters outside of Qwoted, and will eventually result in having your account suspended. If it’s important to you to ‘see’ all the reporter details without pitching them, talk to us about upgrading your firm to an enterprise license.

Defining how Qwoted should be used helps us further our mission of helping reporters do their jobs more efficiently, and to make Qwoted a healthy and sustainable community.